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The anchor of this project is the series of community engagements and co-creation process with the populations of Asian Americans from the North Callowhill/Chinatown area, students and staff from the Community College of Philadelphia, civic institutions, Black and Indigenous residents and stakeholders in the region who are working for a movement to connect land to sky and bring healing to earth and inhabitants along the way. In collaborating with major local community stakeholders (educational, ecological, cultural and infrastructural partners), we let the collaborative process guide the strategies for positive change in our communities that ultimately leads to a meaningful artistic expression.

  • Community College of Philadelphia
  • Council President Darrell Clarke
  • Councilmember Mark Squilla
  • Free Library of Philadelphia
  • Friends of Matthias Baldwin Park
  • Logan Square Neighborhood Association
  • Office of Arts, Culture, and Creative Economy
  • Philadelphia Department of Streets
  • Philadelphia Office of Special Events
  • Philadelphia Parks and Recreation
  • The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society


Invasive Species: Eco/Systems Land Based Initiatives is funded by the following supporters:

  • Our Town Grant of the National Endowment for the Arts
  • William Penn Foundation
  • PNC Arts Alive
  • National Endowment for the Arts Logo
  • William Penn Foundation Logo

The NEA Our Town projects advance local economic, physical, or social outcomes in communities, ultimately laying the groundwork for systems change and centering equity. These projects require a partnership between a nonprofit organization and a local government entity, with one of the partners being a cultural organization. Asian Arts Initiative is pleased to partner with SEPTA and the City of Philadelphia to present Invasive Species: Eco/Systems Land Based Initiatives.

  • City of Philadelphia Office of Arts & Culture Logo